Contract and sales conditions

All our economic proposals are indicative and may vary if there are modifications in the framework of the descriptions of the concepts of the proposal: either in elements, quantities and / or other technical concepts.

The stipulated prices are not contractual, TAPES4US reserves the right to modify its prices without prior notice. Our rate and our budgets DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING COSTS, except as specified in the schedule or budget.

Our prices do not include additional work that may be derived from changes of orientation by the CLIENT. If this were the case, a new agreement will have to be reached that will modify the offer of TAPES4US. All the evidence presented to the CLIENT in relation to the work entrusted will have to be confirmed by the CLIENT that these are correct and satisfy the interest for which TAPES4US has been hired, leaving TAPES4US free of any responsibility for errors or defects that may have and that have not been subject to claim prior to the completion and delivery of the work to TAPES4US.

50% of our services must be paid at the beginning of each project and 50% at the end.

In the event that a service is executed and a final project agreement with the CLIENT is not reached, TAPES4US has no obligation to pay the initial 50% of the project.

Audios that are not the definitive ones for the accomplishment of the cassette duplication will not be accepted. If in any case these had to be duplicated again for reasons beyond TAPES4US, a new agreement will have to be reached that will modify this budget.

The acceptance of the services provided by TAPES4US implies the acceptance of these conditions of contract and sale.


Terms of sale
Rules for the use of services

TAPES4US guarantees the correct functioning of its products and merchandise in normal conditions of use. By proper operation it should be understood that the mechanism, use, functionality and purpose of the products of TAPES4US does not suffer deterioration, wear, breakage, breakdown or any other situation under normal conditions. Normal conditions of use means the use of the product for its own purpose for which it is intended, in a standard environmental environment, not subject to special variations in temperature, humidity, chemical agents or special products and of a similar nature. Normal conditions of use will also mean the non-use of violent means, by means of human force or with the use of mechanical, electronic or any other type of equipment, by illicit means or not, whose purpose is to deliberately alter the correct functioning. of the products.

If the products of TAPES4US suffer any type of alteration that prevents their correct operation due to the non-existence of the previously called normal conditions of use or any other that, not listed, is understood to imply an alteration of the situation and standard use, TAPES4US will not be liable in any case for damages that may be caused to the buyer or to third parties.

Any manipulation, transformation or modification that the buyer will make or any third party in the products for any reason, including an alleged alleged improvement, will exempt TAPES4US from any responsibility that may arise due to the product, provided that TAPES4US had not expressly consented in writing. the modification. TAPES4US understands that the good use of all the products that it can provide by any of its means is under the responsibility of the buyer, following the instructions for use of the product in addition to those listed above, thus exempting TAPES4US from any responsibility other than the one You must legally respond.



The return of any product or merchandise will only be accepted if the return requirements of TAPES4US are met:

  • Returns of products or merchandise will not be accepted after 15 days from the date of receipt of the merchandise
  • The return of products or merchandise that has suffered damage or deterioration, neither in the product nor in its original packaging will not be accepted.
  • The return of products or merchandise will not be accepted when there has been any deterioration, breakage or damage during the shipping process. TAPES4US is committed to mediating between the client and the transport company.
  • The shipping costs will be borne by the customer except those cases in which the error arises about TAPES4US
  • No refund will be paid without prior verification of the status of products and / or merchandise by the quality department of TAPES4US
  • No refund will be accepted without the final conformity of TAPES4US

Procedure in case of return
For returns. You must contact us by sending an email to the following e-mail address: and explaining its incidence, accompanied by an email with a photo in which the defect or incidence appears, we will contact you immediately with You to process it. This procedure must be carried out within 15 days from the moment the client receives his order, understanding on our part that in this period if he has not contacted us, it is because there have been no incidents or errors.

Any returned package that does not meet our requirements already reported in this chapter will be unacceptable. The refund will only be applied to the product that you have sent us, in no case will it affect the rest of the order.


We ship our products anywhere in the world using only reliable transport companies.

You can track the shipment at any time thanks to the system provided by the assigned carrier, each order will have a number, when sending your order, we will indicate the shipping identifier by email for tracking.

All orders to be sent will be charged an additional amount to correct the shipping costs. This amount will always be indicated before finalizing the shopping cart and placing the order.

As for customs costs are borne by the customer.

Delivery times will be indicated in your shopping cart and email depending on the available stock. These deadlines may vary depending on incidents by the transport company.

If the client wishes to pick up the material or use an own transport agency, he must contact TAPES4US by sending an email to to process said request. In this case the order will be with postage due.

Transport incidents
If you have not received your package within the expected delivery period, please contact us by email at We will get in touch with you. to solve any incident.

TAPES4US is not responsible for delays or incidents caused by the management of transport companies. The customer is responsible for verifying the status of the goods and has the obligation to report any incident to TAPES4US.