Oka Miles & Chef Kikoi


Cassette Tipo 1 Ferro / 45 min / Color: White / 2020
Includes digital download


Hot Wings
BBQ Sauce (Chef Kikoi)
Classic Roast Chicken (Oka Miles)
Lemon Pepper Sauce (Chef Kikoi)
Parmesan Chicken Cutlets (Oka Miles)
Honey & Mustard Sauce
Chicken & Dumplings (Chef Kikoi)
Wasabi Mayo Sauce (Oka Miles)
Nashville Fried Chicken (Chef Kikoi)
Oyster Sauce (Oka Miles)
Jerk Chicken (Chef Kikoi)
Sweet Chili Sauce (Oka Miles)
Signature Grilled Chicken

Item description

Oka Miles & Chef Kikoi bring us a take away food beattape. Beats Delivery is a series of beattapes that the duo has been preparing and that step by step will see the light, always related to take away food. Their jazz and soulful feeling transports us to a world of sensations and good vibes ideal for evading the mind and letting yourself go.